Waves Day One (Kickstarter Exclusive)
Waves Day One (Kickstarter Exclusive)


Waves Day One (Kickstarter Exclusive)

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Waves Playing Cards is a mesmerizing illusion design that will play tricks with your mind... Stare at the card for a while and watch the design come to life as it sways back and forth with subtle movement.
  • Day One Edition was only available for 24hrs during the Kickstarter Campaign
  • Tastefully customized face card designs that pay homage to traditional aesthetics. Relatable/recognizable faces are ideal for magicians and card players.
  • Elegant Aces with a wavy touch.
  • A nice lighter color scheme for diamonds and hearts.
  • A refreshing twist on classic court cards.
  • The identical Jokers are a minimal rendition of the famous painting "The Great Wave" by the Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai
Printed by Cartamundi