Joker and the Thief


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Printed by The United States Printed Card Co.

Following the successes of the Joker and the Thief series, we decided to change tactics and develop yet another original design.

We had always planned to develop a 100% custom, nautical-themed deck. When we came across Brazilian artist Gustavo Magalhaes, we knew that his style would perfectly complement our idea for Seafarers Playing Cards.

We wanted to create a classic deck of cards reminiscent of the vintage United States Playing Card Co. designs. We intentionally went this route because of the simple fact that classic designs survive the test of time. Gus was instrumental in striking the balance between classic design and our signature vibe. It's low-key, subtle, and understated. After 6 months of hard work, Seafarers finally came to fruition.

Seafarers feature a back design writhing with symbolism, an iconic Ace of Spades, as well as a set of original court cards that tells an enchanting tale.

The court cards are all completely custom - illustrated by hand, from scratch. Themes from the back design start to carry over and give life to these oceanic royals. They are unrestricted by borders, allowing us to take full advantage of the card's space. By doing this, these courts develop their own distinct and individualistic characteristics. Each suit tells its own story, with each Jack, Queen and King thematically and symbolically linked.

Seafarers features a custom tuck box, expertly printed at Clove St. Press in sunny San Diego, California!

This deck utilizes a premium, imported cream-dyed paper, with a rich sea green colour that is stamped onto the paper stock. It also features an internal design.