Retro Wave
Retro Wave

Evgeniya Zhade

Retro Wave

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The 1980's was a legendary decade filled with iconic style & history. Neon signs, electronic synthesizer music, VHS interference, palm trees, video games and fast cars instantly immerse us in the style of those years.

The Retro Wave Playing Cards brings together the best of those themes & nostalgia. Artist Evgeniya Zhade has developed a design with a classic combination of purple hues. The deck is great for magic, as face cards are adapted to the standard image, with the faces & back design perfect for cardistry. The role of the 80s in world history - was a dynamic and, in its own way, a cult time.

  • Style of the 80s performed by Evgeniya Zhade
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Limited edition, will not be reprinted
  • Designed from scratch