Palm's Oracle (opened)
Palm's Oracle (opened)

Stuart Palm

Palm's Oracle (opened)

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Only 1500 made

Printed by Legends Playing Card Co.

Deck is opened and in great shape

All opened decks are sold as is.

Palm's Oracle is limited edition a 57 card deck of standard (or poker) sized cards. Palm's Oracle is designed as a synchronistic guide of symbols. Each card face is printed with an image hand drawn by Stuart Palm. Each deck will be signed and numbered. The deck will be printed using the best paper and card printing process available today by Legends Playing Card Co.

Palm's Oracle can be used in multiple ways. There will be three extra activator or significator cards (jokers) used to empower readings. The reader selects one to add to the 52 pipped cards aligning the deck for a particular purpose.

One significator empowers the deck for Divination or Fortune Telling.

One significator empowers the deck for Magical Practice and Manifesting.

One significator empowers the deck for Personal Reflection.

For the practice of cartomancy all 52 cards of the standard playing card deck are represented. The deck can also be paired down to the 36 symbols of the "Lenormand" and read in this way. The deck comes with a guidebook as well as access to a video series that teaches all the symbols and many ways one can use "Palm's Oracle."

The deck could also be used for any activity with a poker style deck of cards if one would wish to do so. We imagine the sprit of the cards would get a kick out of it.

The box will feature an image of the cosmos or milky way galaxy printed in reflective foil and be constructed with a new "slide box" design.

The card back design features an image of clouds parting on one side from the sun, and the other from the moon symbolising the opening of consciousness. At the centre is the Ouroboros, a snake eating its tail, symbolising the infinite nature of consciousness.