Mystical Pirates
Mystical Pirates
Mystical Pirates
Mystical Pirates


Mystical Pirates

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Mystical Pirates Playing Cards

Delve down with me into the deep and discover the secrets within. Who is Captain Redbones, and what is his infamous curse?

How did Perry "The Barracuda" Cooper acquire this nickname?

Meet the regal and "crazy" queens of the ocean, and the kings who rule beside them.

There are so many mysteries left to be untangled. Will you dive in?

Ace of Spades - Steel & Bones
Ace of Hearts - heart of the Sea
Ace of Diamonds - Soul Collector
Ace of Clubs - The Red Bones Curse

King Of Spades - Captain Redbones
King Of Hearts - Morton Dead Eyes
King of Diamonds - Captain Doo Doo
King Of Clubs - Charon

Queen of Spades - Crazy Elizabeth "the Moyeta"
Queen of Hearts: Elfrida Silent Teeth
Queen of Diamonds: Salome "the Banished"
Queen of Clubs - Stone Age Princess

Jack Of Spades - Perry "The Barracuda" Cooper
Jack of Hearts - Twinkle Twinkle Abomination
Jack of Diamonds - The Quiet Hollows
Jack Of Clubs - Fisher "Mad Eyes" Buckley