Legal Tender Holographic Gilded Signed

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Legal Tender Holographic Gilded Signed

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Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.

Legal Tender strikes the perfect balance between classic banknote engraving and the modern sleekness of high tech banknote manufacturing. The court cards of Legal Tender feature many of the iconic American figures that are featured on current American currency, like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, and also feature other influential figures throughout our great nation's history, like Harriet Tubman, Ulysses S. Grant, and Martha Washington.

Every aspect of this deck was thoughtfully planned and no detail was overlooked. From the subtle background images of the Statue of Liberties' torch to the Declaration of Independence, every aspect of this deck will amplify the truly beautiful artwork that has has been present on our US currency for many years but is presented in an incredibly new and creative way.