Demon Vengeance
Demon Vengeance
Demon Vengeance
Demon Vengeance

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Demon Vengeance

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Demon Playing Cards is a deck of cards like no other. 

For centuries, demons have been conjured from the underworld. Infamous for their malevolent nature, they have been often associated with nocturnal animals like the bat. The devilish features of the creature have yet to be fully revealed, and the giant wings suggest that devils don’t come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky.

The Vengeance Edition😈 has a more restrained look and is much more familiar compared to the Gigantic Edition. However, don’t get fooled by the look as the Vengeance Edition grants you access by lifting up the batwing. A simple, yet astonishing piece of design that makes a remarkable display piece when combined as a trio.

😈Vengeance Edition😈 Features:

  •  A unique opening system that mimics the movements of a batwing 
  • Advanced 3D Embossing Technology applied to the tuck case.
  • Undergoes Laser Engraving, Hot Stamping, Laser Cutting, and Hand Assembly. 
  • Tuck case that implements 2 elegant hot foils imported from Germany: Black and Gold
  • Back Design is crafted with white border, casino quality card stock 
  • Cards are manufactured with stunning Metallic Ink integrated on the faces
  • Can be combined as a Trio when you purchase 3 Vengeance Edition Deck

Printed by TWPCC