17th Kingdom Experimental LTD1000
17th Kingdom Experimental LTD1000
17th Kingdom Experimental LTD1000


17th Kingdom Experimental LTD1000

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The 17th Kingdom Experimental Playing Cards is a one-of-a-kind deck of cards created as an experiment for the Patreon 2022 Annual Rewards.

The cards work oddly very well, and the deck can be used for any purpose. You will have some sort of intriguing reaction when you handle them for the first time. Somehow they are even more ergonomic than the regular cards.

The foldbox features 2 foils and embossing, inner print and glue-less design. Unfortunately the fold-box is not perfect and there are a few flaws that will be addressed for a future better version of this series. 

These flaws are related to paper type and dieline design. For example, the shrink wrapping protective plastic creates creases or dents on the top edge. This is normal as the deck itself is an experiment and those flaws can be noticed only after production.

IMPORTANT: the flaws on the foldbox are present on all decks, therefore the deck cannot be replaced. If you buy one you accept the deck as it is, and claims for the issues mentioned above will not be accepted.


  • 56 Odd Shaped cards
  • custom court cards
  • custom ace of spades
  • Foldbox with 2 foils, embossing, inner print
  • wrapped in protective plastic
  • printed by WJPCC
  • 1000 units produced