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Built with magic in mind!!


Standard Edition

Print run of 1398

ready to use

Out of the box

For our second deck we took inspiration and design from our first deck, Visions. When we saw the main design on our Visions Collector's Box, we just new it would be perfect for a magic deck.

We wanted Prophets to be everyone's first pick when getting ready to practice or perform with.

We used courts everyone is familiar with and kept the price affordable too. Now you can hand out signed cards without feeling too bad.

printed by

United States Playing Card Co.

with Linen Finish on Premium Bee Stock

The details

elegant, beautiful, and fun

the tuck

Wild Cards

Ace of Spades

The team

I am obsolutely in love with this deck. The aesthetics, the quality, the feel, it is a superb deck of cards. I haven't been able to put them down since I got them.



Iconic Courts

We of course used the standard Bicycle court cards everyone has grown to know and love. We did change up the colors to match the deck a little more.

We also thought that the standard Bicycle courts were just unfinished. So what we did, was color in the hair on the Queens and Kings. So now all three look ready to go out and enjoy any party.


The Wild Cards

These duplicates are perfect to perform with. The story of Ganesh and his mouse Mooshak, reminds us to never stop facing our fears.


Native Tongue

Brad Gabbard

We reached out to Brad to finish the work on Prophets due to the talent he has at designing such fine decks as Tough Luck and Lucky. I though the elegant detail he uses would fit in perfectly to what Christian started.

What he did with the direction was definitely on point to what we wanted Prophets to be. He was super quick and extremely easy to work with.

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