Wounded Corner X Edo Huang



Lights, Camera, ACTION

Bossie HH

Standard Edition

Print run of 676

Bossie Lux

Standard Edition

Print run of 676

HH Gilded

Black Gilded

Print run of 224

Lux Gilded

Silver Gilded

Print run of 224

Lux Error Gilded

Black Gilded

Print run of 224

tuck box

Center diecut

Our tuck is an almost splitting image to the vintage Brownie. We wanted it to look and feel like the real thing. From the diecut, to the seal, and all the way to the paper stock.

It actually looks like the real thing.


Details that make sense

Rusted clasp

We gave some texture to our silver seal to look weathered and rusted.

Foiled Screws

Beautiful silver foil that look like they are actually real screws.

Numbered Seals

Having a fun numbering design adds to the unique seals of the deck.

Housing Lever

You won't ruin a roll of film by opening the housing this on the back of this tuck.

Duplicate KOS

Negative King

We added a fun little addition to our Boskarta deck. Something that those who dabble with color changes could enjoy.

the art cards

The big cards

nothing says vintage like A Flashy ace of spades and film roll jokers.



Gilded perfection

hh gilded standard

lux gilded standard

Lux Gilded Error


Arrco Courts

Edo Huang

Edo is one of the coolest and most down-to-earth people in the playing card community. Not only is he a stellar designer, but he's also an amazing magician and photographer.  

I couldn't ask for a better person to design this deck. It was right up his ally in every way.  He has designed decks for some of the biggest names in the community. We are so thankful for everything he has done from the design to renders and photography.

You can check out more of Edo's phenomenal and creative work on his website.

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