Wounded Corner X Arcadia PC


Full of Shimmah!!


Standard Past Edition

Print run of 1108

Teal Gilded Past Edition

Print run of 250


Holographic Past Edition

Holo Gilded

Print run of 250


Standard Present Edition

Print run of 1000

Holo Gilded Present Edition

Print run of 250


Purple Present Edition

Purple Gilded

Print run of 250


Gold Future Edition

Gold Gilded

Print run of 250

Printed by Oath/Lotrek

the meaning within the

Intricate design

The back design was created in such a way that each person can interpret their own meaning from what they see.

To us, the arrows signify our dreams or visions. The two half circles on opposite ends of the card represent our goals. The random lines, edges, and points are all the obstacles that cross our path to try and thwart us from achieving our goals.

The intricate filigree shows us that along our journey there is much beauty within the chaos.

printed to perfection by


with True Linen B9 Finish on SlimLine paper stock

Hidden messages in the things of threes

Past, Present, Future

tuck dots


Arrow heads

The decks

From the tuck case, to the foiling on the back design, and every single face of the playing cards, Visions just represents quality! I think Visions in its core has one of the most thought out stories and it covers diversity in every way imaginable for a set of playing cards.

Rifan T



We wanted our court cards to be unique. Something you don't normally see in a deck of cards.

What we came up with are twelve court cards that we are extremely proud of.  

In the Visions courts, you will see varying clothing styles, symbols, and races from which we drew our inspiration.

The story of

Our Jokers

Double Diptych Jokers: 

an epic tale about two beings journeying alone and coming together as one


The strength of

Gods and Goddesses

Remover of Obstacles




Collector's Box

Fully foiled

This Collector's box, never before seen in the playing card community, will become a discussion piece of your collection.

With magnet enclosure and self-contained mechanics, watch as these beautiful decks are elevated for all to see.

Limited Editions

Beautifully gilded

Five different colors chosen with intent. Each deck evokes a different emotion when opened.

Arcadia PC

Christian Ellingstad

I chose Christian from Arcadia Playing Cards because I've always been a huge fan of his work. His style is very elegant with beautiful details in all his designs.  

We knew our idea for Visions had a lot of detail and knew he would take our idea and create something that we would be excited to share.

He worked tirelessly since May of 2020 to help produce the beautiful deck you see here. We are so thankful for his talent, dedication, and patience throughout this whole project.

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