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Ruth Gaikema

1. What's your name and Insta handle?
Ruth Gaikema @rgcardistry

2. What's your age?

3. Where do you call home?
Little Rock, Arkansas

4. Any animals or siblings?
Several animals, yes. 5 siblings. Being the middle child is dope

5. Whats your favorite word you use?

6. Any hobbies outside of cards?
I enjoy penny boarding, basketball, and swimming.

7. What’s your favorite card game?
I don't play card games lol

8. Cardistry, Magic or Collector?
All three

9. How long have you been in the community doing the above?
I made my IG account in Feb of 2019. But got involved with cardistry in Nov of 2018 and magic in 2009.

10. What do you like most about the community?
I love how everyone is so involved and how people are very supportive!

11. What inspires you the most about the community?
I love how everyone can get along with each other and continue to build people up.

12. Name three instagram profiles you think we should follow.

13. What is your favorite deck to use?
Snackers v2

14. You can only have 1 deck for the rest of your life, what do you choose?
One deck for the rest of my life would be the Orbit V4

15. What makes you want to purchase a deck?
Just to have it and use it and to grow my playing card collection.

16. What's the most you'd spend on a deck?
35 bucks

17. Open it or keep it sealed?
Both. Depends on how rare the deck is and how much value it has.

18. What female cardist/magician inspires you the most? Why?
Kaitlyn Chen because she was one of the first female cardist/magician that stuck around. We talk a lot when we aren't busy with life. We build each other up A LOT! And I'm super thankful for each and every talk we have! Definitely would wanna meet her whenever I get the chance to!

19. What types of decks do you like most? Why?
I like decks that last for a long time. Ex: Orbit, Gemini decks.

20. What brand of cards are your favorite? Why?
Organic Playings Cards, Orbit, Gemini
I like them because they tend to continue to put out great work and effort into their decks

21. Cartamundi or USPCC or other? Why?
USPCC because I tend to own a lot of cards made with USPCC stock and because overall USPCC feels better to me.

22. How do you feel about exclusive decks or Hype Decks?
I feel like it's cool but very difficult when people are all for em. When it tends to be expensive and it's a price that's ridiculous, it's not worth the hype.

23. What do you want to see more of in the card community?
Communication and less negativity!

24. What upcoming deck release are you excited about? Why?
OPC releases. Not just their recent one but all the releases for 2020. Also v8 for Orbit! Super excited!

25. Name three decks on your wish list?
Orbit v1 and v2 and another Peelers v1

26. Tell a funny joke you actually know, no looking jokes up.
What do you call a pile of cats? A Meowtain

27. If you could have 1 super power what would it be and why.
Teleportation because it would be so easy to get around and see people that I havent met before.

28. Tell me 3 people dead or alive you would like to have dinner with.
I would love to have dinner with Kaitlyn Chen, Matthew Gaikema (my cousin) and Billie Eilish

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29. What do I see myself doing in the next 5-10 years?
I see myself possibly graduating school for graphic design and film production. And getting more involved in deckorating and designing cards, lol.

30. How many decks do I own?
300 or so

31. If I had 1 million bucks, what would I do with it?
Give back to the poor, pay off the rest of any college debt that is in the family, and save the rest for any future plans.