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Matt Romeril

1. What's your name and Insta handle? 


2. What's your age?


3. Where do you call home?

New Orleans, Louisiana

4. Any Animals or siblings?

Currently 2 cats, previously 2 dogs and a few fish. 

I have a brother and three sisters. My brother is the only family member that did not immigrate to the USA. 

5. What do you do for work?


6. What's your favorite word you use?

Bozo. It’s also my favorite road rage insult to use. 

7. Any hobbies outside of cards?

I enjoy listening to good music, going to concerts, and trying to play music on my guitar.

8. What’s your favorite card game?


9. Cardistry, Magic or Collector?


10. How long have you been in the community doing the above?

On my own for about a year, and in the community also for about a year. 

11. What do you like most about the community?

Being able to share in the excitement of our common interest. And everyone being so willing to share their knowledge on the subject. 

12. What inspires you the most about the community?

When I see people spreading kindness

13. Name three instagram profiles you think we should follow?

@lefthand.ferdinand @jourdon @oddlymesmerizing 

14. What is your favorite deck to use?

Bicycle Rider Back

15. You can only have 1 deck for the rest of your life, what do you choose?

Cartes Indiennes

16. What makes you want to purchase a deck?

Above all else, the quality of the art. Of course I love my playing cards to feel awesome in my hands, but if I like the art enough, I can overlook card quality somewhat. 

17. What's the most you'd spend on a deck?

This scares me, because I don’t know!  I have spent over $300 for a single deck. It was the Cartes Indiennes deck. It’s an antique, printed in 1890. 

18. Open it or keep it sealed?

Open it up!! How can the art be enjoyed sealed up under cellophane?! #freethepip

19. What female cardist/magician inspires you the most? Why?

Caroline Ravn. Her work ethic is amazing, she has found something she loves and has worked hard to be successful at it. Also, I love her excitement when she talks about magic and playing cards. 

20. What types of decks do you like most? Why?

Full custom that has had a lot of effort and thought put into the design, because art! 

21. What brand of cards are your favorite? Why?

Bicycle. It’s iconic. Immediately recognizable. 

22. Cartamundi or USPCC or other? Why?

USPCC. Having used Bicycle playing cards growing up, just holding the cards feels familiar and comfortable. 

23. How do you feel about exclusive decks or Hype Decks?

Anyone? Fontaine? Don’t have any. They don’t appeal to me. 

24. What do you want to see more of in the card community?

Peace and Love

25. What upcoming deck release are you excited about? Why?

Lotrek, Stockholm 17, and Thirdway Industries all have upcoming decks that I’m excited about.  They are three of my most favorite current designers. 

26. Name three decks on your wish list? 

Sherlock Holmes Baker St. Edition designed by Jackson Robinson

Omnia Suprema by Thirdway Industries

Odd Bods first version 2012 by Johnathan Burton. 

27. Tell a funny joke you actually know, no looking jokes up? 

Do you know how the name for Canada was decided? There were all kinds of disagreements, Cartierland? New France? So out of frustration they just decided to put a bunch of letters in a hat and start pulling them out and this is exactly the order and what was said when the were pulled out “C eh! N eh! D eh!”

28. If you could have 1 super power what would it be? Why?

The ability to fly

29. Tell me 3 people dead or alive you would like to have dinner with?

Billy Corgan, Kate Beckinsale, and Bruce Campbell

Create 3 questions you want to ask yourself and answer them below (can be anything you want to add etc.)

30. What’s the story behind your family immigrated to the USA?

When I was a teen, my family moved to the USA from Canada. I finally became a naturalized US citizen on July 2nd 2009

31. What is your favorite era?

I love the 1980s. I was a kid in the 80s and everything about the 80s is very nostalgic for me.