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Maggie Lackner

1. What's your name and Insta handle?

Maggie - @maggielackner

2. What's your age?

16 years old

3. Where do you call home?


4. Any Animals or siblings?

Yes, 2 teacup chihuahuas, 2 brothers and 1 sister

5. What's your favorite word you use?

dope lol

6. Any hobbies outside of cards?

Ice skating, soccer and music

7. What’s your favorite card game?

Rummy for sure

8. Cardistry, Magic or Collector?

All three

9. How long have you been in the community doing the above?

I believe i passed a year actually this month. so about a year

10. What do you like most about the community?

How I can talk to other people about my weird hobby. There aren’t many cardists around my area so it’s cool to be able to talk to people who enjoy the same stuff I do. I also love how supportive everyone is of one another, it’s amazing!

11. What inspires you the most about the community?

To strive to make myself better. I see others who are incredibly talented and can do amazing things and that, inspires me to learn more.

12. Name three instagram profiles you think we should follow?

@notseano, @more_than_paper, and hmmm man there are so many amazing people it’s very hard to choose, but probably @olliemealing.

13. What is your favorite deck to use?

It changes frequently actually but right now the snackers v2 for sure they are incredible.

14. You can only have 1 deck for the rest of your life, what do you choose?

Orbit v6, one of the best decks ever.

15. What makes you want to purchase a deck?

It depends, most of the time it’s to support a company or someone I believe in. but also of course colors, designs anything of that source. I love art, and to me playing cards are art.

16. What's the most you'd spend on a deck?

To be honest $100 haha

17. Open it or keep it sealed?

Open it

18. What female curdiest/magician inspires you the most? Why?

Hmm...I’m gonna say Ekaterina. She is an incredible magician/cardist. I've actually learned a ton of stuff from her tutorials and videos. She’s also very much there in the community if you know what I mean? She just loves it because she loves it....Which is awesome. 

19. What types of decks do you like most? Why?

I would definitely say a deck that has a flashy but not to flashy back design perfect for magic or for cardistry. Also standard faces are a win as well. lol

20. What brand of cards are your favorite? Why? 

Organic playing cards. They are some of the most creative and best looking decks i’ve ever seen. the amount of detail and just awesomeness that goes into each deck is crazy. They also feel incredible and in my opinion are perfect for either magic or cardistry, which is also a win

21. Cartamundi or USPCC or other? Why?

Uspcc for sure. I appreciate Cartamundi and there are a few decks I really like from them, but it all comes down to what just overall feels better in my hands overtime which for me, is Uspcc baby

22. How do you feel about exclusive decks or Hype Decks? 

I really like exclusive decks especially for collecting. I have a love/hate relationship for hype decks. There are a bunch that I have liked, but also a bunch I have hated.

23. What do you want to see more of in the card community?

People who are fascinated and actually have a passion for cards, not just doing it for clout.

24. What upcoming deck release are you excited about? Why?

Orbit v8’s, and any new decks from OPC. Mainly because they are my favorite company so anything they make, I love.

25. Name three decks on your wish list?

Orbit v4, 1st v2, and the new green ultra deck from Gemini. 

26. Tell a funny joke you actually know, no looking jokes up. 

What do you call a cow with no legs?....ground beef 

27. If you could have 1 super power what would it be and why?

To be able to run super fast because idk I just think that’s really cool.. lol

28. Tell me 3 people dead or alive you would like to have dinner with?

Andrew Lloyd webber, Chris Ramsay and Mark Hamill

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29. Will you ever release an original flourish?

Yes, and I actually have one in the making. 

30. Would you ever create your own deck of cards?


31. Will you ever post a video on youtube? lol

Yes very soon